New Construction

Big Enough to do the Job, Small Enough to Care
Over 40 Years of Service
O'Brien Glass Products has serviced the Wasatch Front for over 35 years in both the new construction and window replacement/remodeling industries. O'Brien Glass was a pioneer marketing the AMSCO vinyl window in the Utah market. We are supplied by AMSCO, a local manufacturer who has been in business for 40+ Years. Their service and support has allowed O'Brien Glass to provide builders with great lead time, competitive pricing and excellent service.
O'Brien Glass is one of the largest supplier and installers of mirrors and shower enclosures in Utah. We have our own fabricating department which allows us to provide our customers with quality products and exceptional service. We offer a wide variety of glass services, including vinyl windows for new construction, replacement windows, commercial storefronts, glass replacement, screens, glass table tops and more.

O'Brien's installers have been trained and certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Our installers have completed the "Installation Masters" course and hold a level RLC-1 Certification.
What are the advantages of having your windows and doors installed by an AAMA "Installation Master"?
  • Peace of mind knowing your product was installed by professionals.
  • Quality, AAMA approved installation materials.